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Techno Linear Motion Systems has announced the Technomod gantry machine, a multi-axis motion platform complete with controls, cabling, software and enclosure; all fully assembled.

The Technomod is available in three different sizes and can be used for pick and place, dispensing, assembly, testing, drilling, routing, welding and general automation applications.

Joe Griffin, sales manager, Techno Linear Motion, said: ‘The Technomod machine is completely assembled when it arrives; all electronics are wired and all software is installed.

‘The only setup customers may have to perform is the mounting of drill, dispenser, laser or automation tooling required for their application, and in many cases Techno can do this for the customer prior to shipping,’ he added.

Travel ranges are 650mm x 300mm x 275mm for the Model 30, 650mm x 450mm x 275mm for the Model 45 and 650mm x 650mm x 275mm for the Model 65.

A fourth or fifth rotary axis can be added to the machine for more complex operations, while all drive motors are DC brushless servos providing high torque and precision.

The Technomod can be delivered with or without electronics as well as a sliding front door with safety interlock.

It has a built-in industrial computer and rugged swing arm console, which includes a monitor and keyboard.

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