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Technosoft has introduced the Ipos series of intelligent servo drives, designed to offer higher power density on compact boards for motion control applications.

Modularly designed to cover both low- and high-volume applications, the first product in this range – the Ipos3602 (36V, 2A, 75W) – is a complete motion control and drive solution packed on 21 x 54mm of PCB space.

It integrates all the basic motor control functions, motion control and PLC features on a small-sized plug-in module.

Equipped with CAN/CANopen interfaces (optionally, additional EtherCAT interface also available), the Ipos drive controls any rotary or linear brushless, DC brush or step motor.

The Ipos3602 is able to execute complex motion programs directly at drive level, using its built-in motion programmer and the high-level Technosoft Motion Language (TML), or it can operate as an intelligent EtherCAT and CANopen slave.

In simple applications, the Ipos3602 works as a single-axis motion controller and drive in standalone mode autonomously running the program residing in its non-volatile memory.

In systems that request a host, the Ipos drive operates as an intelligent slave executing motion sequences triggered by input lines, or commands received via RS-232 or CAN bus.

The motion capabilities of the Ipos card include position or speed profiles (trapezoidal, S-curve), third order PVT and first order PT interpolation, electronic gearing and camming, analogue or digital external reference, complemented with the cyclic synchronous position, speed and torque modes specific to EtherCAT.

This enables you to reduce both the development time of complex applications, and the master’s task, by calling complex motion functions, pre-stored in the drive memory, or by triggering their execution via I/O signals.

This drive can operate with a wide choice of feedback devices.

Incremental and Sin/Cos encoders, digital or linear Halls are supported by default.

SSI, BiSS, EnDAT absolute encoders and resolver interfaces are available through an additional extension.

The Ipos3602 board’s flexible, modular design, and the intelligence embedded onto its miniature size, makes it a suitable motion control solution for all applications that require high-precision control, greater design adaptability, simplified maintenance and limited space integration.

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