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Meggitt has announced the introduction of Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) capabilities into its Endevco model 7290D series, allowing it to be used within larger-channel-count applications.

The model 7290D series is a high-accuracy, variable-capacitance (VC) accelerometer range, offering thermal stability, reliability and performance within flight test, engine testing and other extreme-temperature testing environments.

Offered in five models with available measurement ranges from 2 to 100 g, the patented design of the Endevco model 7290D series incorporates a VC sensing element with gas damping and internal over-range stops, allowing the sensor to survive shock and acceleration loads of up to 10,000 g, with 2.5 per cent total dynamic accuracy.

Units feature non-linearity, including hysteresis, of typically 0.2 per cent for ranges of 2 to 50 g.

Integral to each accelerometer is a custom signal conditioner, enabling the device to accept input voltages from 8 to 30V with a high-level, low-impedance output.

The +/-2.25V differential output (single-ended output optional) is DC coupled at a bias of approximately 2.5V.

In order to maintain stringent thermal characteristics and high accuracy, a custom ASIC provides factory-programmable temperature compensation, achieved via five-point linear fit algorithm, for both thermal sensitivity and thermal zero shifts.

Units are integrally temperature compensated from -55 to 125C, to ensure temperature accuracy over the full military range.

TEDS capabilities (conforming to IEEE 1451.4) allow for the onboard storage of serial number and calibration data, for simplified test setups with reduced errors.

All Endevco model 7290D series units are shipped standard with an integral cable of customisable length.

Models are also available with an optional triaxial mounting block, the Endevco model 7990.

Recommended accessories for use with the Endevco model 7290D series include the model 136 three-channel signal conditioner; the model 4430A bridge transducer signal conditioner; or the model 4990A (Oasis) multi-rack-based signal-conditioning system.

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