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Tekscan has introduced a system that can collect pressure and force measurement data from human hands and fingers without any cables connecting the subject to the computer.

The Grip pressure mapping system measures and analyses dynamic pressures and forces applied by fingers and hands while gripping, grasping, holding, moving or lifting objects.

Product designers and engineers can use the Grip system to improve the design, functionality and ergonomics of a container.

They can quantify the pressure and force required to grasp, squeeze, open and close various packages.

With the collected data, engineers can establish a baseline to use in the future, minimising product design time and waste, lowering manufacturing costs and improving ease of use.

The system can be used to improve employee productivity by giving ergonomists the information they need to enhance the design and comfort of equipment and tools.

Ergonomists can study the effects of repetitive-motion syndrome with the Grip system to improve the design and comfort of products and processes and maximise employee or operator productivity.

Data can also be collected to evaluate and compare grip forces across various demographic populations, providing insight into how people use and hold a variety of products.

The Grip system improves athletic performance by allowing athletes and coaches to measure the effect of altering grip patterns and technique.

Without the interference of wires, the system can act as a research aid in sports such as football, baseball, golf and tennis.

Athletes and trainers can visualise output and analyse how grip pressures change during a swing or a catch to enhance performance and timing.

Eighteen individual sensing regions on the Grip sensor identify localised peak pressure points during a variety of gripping activities and applications.

The ultra-thin (0.1mm), high-resolution sensors are placed on a subject’s hands or mounted to gloves.

As force is applied to or by the hand, the Grip software will display and record a pressure profile of the hand, illustrating where and how much force is being applied on different regions of the palm and fingers.

With the Grip system’s Wireless option, pressure and force data are directly transmitted to a computer in real time from a lightweight unit (14oz), attached to the subject’s waist.

Designed to allow data collection without altering natural movement, the subject can travel up to 100m away from the computer.

When a subject needs to be remote from the computer, or faster scan speeds are needed for rapid movement or for recording over an extended period of time, the Grip data-logger option is said to be suitable.

The user can capture pressure and force data at up to 600fps and store it in the system’s 8Gbit internal memory for upload to a computer at a later time.

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