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Tektronix’s DPO7000 Oscilloscopes now include support for the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) D-PHY standard and new UART/RS-232 protocol-analysis software.

The DPO7000 Series now includes four passive probes and three analysis tools as part of standard configurations.

The MIPI D-PHY specification is gaining in use by manufacturers of wireless mobile devices as the communications bus across main components such as embedded controllers, cameras and displays.

The specification helps device manufacturers reduce time-to-market and device-integration costs while taking advantage of richer feature sets with higher bit rates.

By offering D-PHY characterisation, compliance testing and debug in the DPO7000 Series, Tektronix delivers new and expanded test solutions for more efficiently implementing designs that include this important bus.

The new Tektronix MIPI solution (Option D-PHY) includes automated setup library and methods of implementation (MOI) for testing the D-PHY physical layer standard.

Implemented on the DPO7000 Series, this new setup library for DPOJET jitter-analysis software includes complete real-time scope measurements listed in the latest D-PHY conformance test spec (CTS).

The Tektronix solution lets users perform a full range of tests from verification and pre-compliance testing to more in-depth characterisation, with custom limits.

The test reports provide comprehensive details of numerous parameters in each measurement.

Tektronix’s MIPI solution is scalable for early start on the next generation of MIPI standards, such as M-PHY.

With the DPO7000 triggering capabilities for RS232 and the new UART/RS-232 Protocol Analysis Software (PDU-R), engineers can quickly link decoded data to captured waveforms by selecting data in a results table.

This can save time for debug and verification tasks tied to these popular legacy standards.

In addition to boosting DPO7000 Series capabilities, Tektronix is also increasing value with the inclusion of four passive probes and three popular analysis tools, including waveform limit test, advanced search and mark and jitter essentials.

The new MIPI D-PHY and UART/RS-232 options are available now for the DPO7000 and DPO/DSA70000B Series.

The new MIPI solution is available on the new MSO70000 Series as well.

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