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Tektronix has announced the DMM4000 Series of 5.5 and 6.5 digit resolution digital multimeters (DMM), designed to help engineers debug complex electronics and validate circuit design.

The DMM Series integrates with National Instruments’ Labview SignalExpress interactive instrument software for quickly acquiring, analysing and presenting data from multiple instruments.

With the addition of the DMM4000 Series, Tektronix offers customers an expanded portfolio of powerful bench instruments that can be connected for correlated measurements and data recording, offering extended debug capabilities.

The series of Tektronix digital multimeters provides versatility and precision for demanding measurements.

The offerings include a 5.5 digit and two 6.5 digit models that can support up to a full range of multifunction DMM measurements, including voltage, current, frequency, period, diode, capacitance, resistance and temperature measurements.

Dedicated front-panel buttons provide fast access to frequently used functions and parameters, reducing setup time.

The DMM4040 and DMM4050 have a front panel USB port for easy data logging and instrument setup storage.

For in-depth analysis, the 6.5 digit DMM4040 and DMM4050 include a graphical display that supports histogram, trend plotting and statistical analysis features.

All models, including the 5.5 digit DMM4020, are offered with a three-year limited warranty and include a limited edition of National Instruments’ Labview SignalExpress Tektronix Edition software.

NI Labview SignalExpress makes it possible for customers to connect and control Tektronix bench instruments using USB and other communication buses.

Using a common software interface, users can then automate complex measurements, log data for extended periods, time-correlate data from multiple instruments, and capture and analyse results.

They can also export measurements and data logging results to Excel.

Users can further enhance their systems with National Instruments’ Labview graphical development environment to access additional analysis and measurement automation in validating their circuit designs.

The Tektronix DMM4050 can measure milli or micro volts with high accuracy.

The design offers higher resolution up to 100nV with 0.0024 per cent accuracy.

Precise 2×4 ohms measurements can be made on all models through a single-lead test set, avoiding dual lead-set errors.

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