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Tektronix has introduced the WFM8200 and WFM8300 advanced waveform monitors, providing real-time, automated 3Gb/s SDI Eye pattern display and jitter measurements that diagnose signal problems.

The WFM8300 (with Option PHY) also provides multi-rate HD/SD-SDI and 3Gb/s SDI (with Option 3G) colour bar and pathological-signal generation capabilities for quick signal-path verification during system and equipment setup and troubleshooting.

The models also feature Luma Qualified Vector (LQV) and Spearhead Gamut displays.

The WFM8200 and WFM8300 are designed to help reduce time spent in equipment qualification and setup and more effectively detect system degradations.

This is made possible by the 3Gb/s SDI signal Eye pattern parameters and jitter measurements as well as Tektronix jitter waveform display and cable-length measurement.

Additionally, alarm information helps identify and diagnose video and audio content quality as well as vertical-ancillary (VANC) data problems.

Together with the TG700 advanced 3Gb/s SDI Generator module, Tektronix offers a complete solution to 3Gb/s SDI design and test for equipment manufacturers.

The WFM8200 and WFM8300 help to verify the quality of video content and make precise adjustments that reduce the potential for gamut errors during editing and format conversion – enabling them to avoid costly reworks and qualify ingest materials in less time.

The Luma Qualified Vector (LQV) display allows users to selectively choose a luma amplitude range over which to isolate colour components within the vector display.

This enables operators to identify colour components in terms of shadows, mid tones and highlights within multiple LQV displays.

The Spearhead display provides a tool for colour grading, allowing operators to view the video signal in terms of lightness, value and saturation.

This 2D representation of the 3D colour space enables matching images from scene to scene, ensuring consistent image quality throughout the production process.

These products help video content producers verify content quality and make precision content adjustments.

In video delivery systems they help operations staff qualify, install, and maintain video systems as well as verify content quality and system reliability.

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