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Powelectrics has introduced the Metron 2 ‘out-of-the-box’ telemetry solution that can log and transmit data as well as send alarms.

The four inputs are configurable and each has its own power supply for the sensor.

There are also two contact outputs.

Metron 2 simplifies the process of selecting, installing, configuring and operating a telemetry system.

It has a large LCD screen that can be used to display the process variables as well as aiding setup via a logical menu system.

It logs data and wirelessly sends alarms and displays the readings on the screen.

Metron 2 can be powered by its own internal battery or by an external power source.

Its primary means of communication is using the GSM phone networks.

It is a fully quad-band-enabled design, allowing it to communicate using SMS and GPRS data worldwide.

The solution integrates GPS, an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a large data-logging memory, USB 2.0 connectivity, an integral antenna and capacitive buttons.

Pluggable terminals facilitate wiring and an expansion slot allows future applications to be accommodated.

It can be powered from the internal battery (for up to five years) or externally from any 6-24VDC supply.

All of this functionality is wrapped up in a single IP67-rated enclosure measuring 138 x 75 x 68mm.

Applications include remote tank-level monitoring, environmental monitoring, remote meter reading, security alarms, alerts and information from machinery, asset monitoring and tracking such a temperature-controlled distribution.

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