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Malvern’s new telephoto lens for Insitec laser diffraction process systems enables the online measurement of larger particles, extending their application in the minerals and food industries.

By combining two different focal-length lenses, the telephoto design concentrates an expanded measurement range, with a new upper limit of 2,500um, into a physically shorter lens, just 160mm in length.

Compatible with all current Malvern Process products, the new lens can replace those 300mm or 450mm models currently in use in the field.

An on-demand presentation focussing on the performance of the new telephoto lens is freely available online.

By increasing the upper sizing limit of Insitec technology from 1,000um to 2,500um, Malvern’s telephoto lens broadens access to continuous laser-diffraction particle-size measurement, enabling customers to tackle new applications and increase the efficiency of current systems.

Malvern claims that additional benefits include improved stability and ease of alignment; better vibration tolerance; robustness to temperature; and reduced space requirement, without compromising measurement quality at lower size limits.

ISO13320 compliant and suitable for both wet and dry measurements, possible applications for the telephoto lens include salt, continuous granulation, roller compaction, minerals pre-processing, atomised metal powder, fertiliser, agrochemicals and methyl cellulose, among others.

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