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Serapid has designed a telescopic mast for a government security operation.

The mast is capable of withstanding some extreme conditions.

This particular system is for a low-cycle application, but the mast will be exposed to desert heat, wetness, sand, ice and freezing conditions.

To accommodate these conditions, Serapid included an insulation/heater package within the magazine, as the temperature ranges from -40C (-40F) to 70C (158F).

At low trim, the system is 5ft (1.5m) tall with a total stroke of 10ft (3m).

Fully extended, the mast reaches 15ft (4.6m).

Serapid’s Telescopic Mast systems are self-guided lifting columns made of aluminum.

The masts move up and down smoothly, with no drift, eliminating the need for outriggers or guying.

The mast is powered by the Serapid Rigid Chain – a telescopic mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and rigid like a steel beam in the other.

The masts can reach up to 60ft in height and can travel at a speed of a 1ft/s.

They have an ’emergency down’ feature.

The top section of the mast can support a variety of equipment, including surveillance, security or measurement equipment.

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