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Telit Wireless Solutions, a specialist in wireless machine-to-machine technology, has launched the first in a new series of modules for smart-metering, healthcare, surveillance and tracking devices.

The HE863 is a low-cost, fully equipped HSPA machine-to-machine module in a ball-grid-array (BGA) form factor with an embedded GPS receiver.

The module is intended for data transmission devices with a long lifetime that are intended for long-term use even after 2G network switch-off and that require high throughput.

Smart-metering devices such as electricity and water meters have been in use for several years; for this reason, many manufacturers are already using 3G data transmission to future-proof their products against non-availability of the 2G network, according to Telit.

Previously, Telit only offered 3G technology in connectorised products.

To complete the product range, the HE series now includes 3G modules with BGA technology.

The company intends to offer a range of mobile communication and assembly technologies to satisfy a variety of requirements.

BGA packages are suitable for medium- to high-volume applications.

The customer is claimed to benefit from two factors: first, BGA modules are cheaper to process so unit prices are lower; and, second, the material costs of the product are reduced as no board-to-board connectors are required.

BGA modules are fitted by means of a grid of solder balls on the underside of the package.

BGA technology is straightforward to process and permits a high number of inputs and outputs on a relatively small footprint.

Thanks to the good surface connection, the BGA form factor also offers excellent heat dissipation from the product.

The HE863 measures just 31.4 x 41.4 x 2.9mm.

The solder balls are spaced further apart than with most other BGA systems (2/2.5mm compared with 0.8/0.5mm), simplifying assembly.

All models in the series have the same footprint for maximum compatibility.

The HE863 supports quad-band GSM, GPRS/Edge multi-slot class 33, 3GPP stack Release 6 and dual-band HSPA with 5.76Mbps (uplink) and 7.2Mbps (downlink).

There are three pin-compatible variations of HSPA (900/2,100, 850/1,900 and 850/2,100) to enable global use.

Telit supplies the module with an optional embedded GPS/A-GPS receiver.

All models in the HE series, which will be launched in stages between now and mid-2011, have very low power consumption.

The modules can be used in a temperature range of -30C to +85C.

As with all Telit modules, the HE series features Premium Fota* Management for fast, secure, reliable and cost-effective over-the-air firmware updates.

The company also supports customers by developing custom products and features such as special AT commands.

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