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DSA1000 data sheet - .PDF file.

Telonic, the UK distributor for Rigol Technologies, has announced the enhancement of the DSA1000 range of spectrum analysers to include the EMI filter and quasi peak detector options as well as the advanced measurement kit as standard. The enhancement allows users to perform their own EMC pre-compliance tests up to 3GHz.

In addition, DSA1030A models are available with an optional 3GHz tracking generator and an optional VSWR bridge so they can also be used as scalar network analysers.

The 1030A’s built-in pre-amplifier allows up to -148dBm displayed AV noise level (DANL), and with advanced standard functions such as power measurement, harmonic distortion or TOI the DSA1030A analysers are suitable for 9kHz–3GHz measurements.

Rigol’s advanced approach with digital IF, which is standard for all Rigol spectrum analysers, helps minimise errors due to filter switching and reference level uncertainties; display errors suffered by traditional analogue IF designs when they switch between log and linear amplitude are minimised too.

Click on the link above to download the DSA1000 data sheet.

Further information

  • Freebies, previously sold for £400 and now added by Telonic, include the EMI filter, the quasi peak detector and the integrated advanced measurement kit.
  • The DSA1030A-TG is a suitable choice for pre-compliance tests of boards, devices and components.
  • Customers can troubleshoot and test designs on their bench without having to schedule and pay every time at a full compliance laboratory.

Telonic Instruments

Telonic Instruments supplies a wide range of programmable power supplies, both AC and DC, a range of electrical safety testers, DC electronic loads, general-purpose test equipment including bench multimeters, and a range of RF filters and attenuators.

The AC power supplies are of linear amplifier and pwm design with outputs up to 40kVA depending on model. In addition to variable frequency, variable voltage outputs some of  the AC power supplies can simulate AC supply line faults and have a large number of measurement functions including current harmonics.

The laboratory DC supplies sold by Telonic have power outputs to 1MW with voltages up to 4,000V, and includes linear and switch mode designs. Telonic also supplies electronic loads for power supply testing. These can operate in static or dynamic modes and can simulate rapidly changing current demands on power supplies.

To complement the line-up of AC and DC power supplies even further, programmable DC and AC electronic loads are also available. They have a voltage range from 0–650V and power capability of up to 9kW. They are commonly used for power supply, battery, fuel cell and inverter testing.

Electrical safety testers are another Telonic speciality. Concentrating mainly on production test applications Telonic supplies AC and DC flash testers, insulation testers, leakage current testers and earth bond testers. Manual and programmable versions are available.

Telonic can also supply a range of RF filters and attenuators. The RF filter range encompasses custom-built fixed low pass and bandpass types and also tuneable bandpass and notch filters. Frequency range is up to 12GHz for fixed filters and 4GHz for tunables.

Telonic is an ISO9001-registered company and has been supplying electronics industry, research establishments and universities since 1968.

Many of the products in the Telonic range are also available for hire.

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