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At the National Electronics Week (NEW) Show, Telonic Instruments will introduce the Kikusui PWX range of DC programmable power supplies. The units enable users to achieve remote-configurable power for all types of high-performance DC systems testing in industries such as IT, telecoms and automotive.

The Kikusui PWX series operates in constant-voltage or constant-current modes, delivering and monitoring DC power suitable for all power testing. The series is suitable for use in bench or switched rack systems and power distribution units requiring remote power control and active monitoring.

The series offers USB, RS-232C and LAN interfaces as standard. A virtual multi-channel bus function allows it to be used efficiently for remote control and monitoring with 1-to-N and N-to-M in large-scale networks.

Telonic Instruments will be exhibiting at NEW in Scotland on 1–2 May 2013 on Stand 30E and in Bristol on 25–26 September 2013.

Key information

Available models

  • PWX750LF — wide-range DC power supply, 1U, 750W, 0~30V/0~75A 
  • PWX1500L — wide-range DC power supply, 1U, 1,500W, 0~30V/0~150A
  • PWX750MLF — wide-range DC power supply, 1U, 750W, 0~80V/0~28A
  • PWX1500ML — wide-range DC power supply, 1U, 1,500W, 0~80V/0~56A


  • The series offers powerful yet simple configuration via PWX’s LAN interface
  • Easy active monitoring and live control are ensured with PWX’s built-in web server
  • It features a wide operating range — three times auto-ranging capability
  • Sequence creation application software SD013-PWX (Wavy for PWX) is available
  • Users can monitor and control power supplies from a browser on a PC, smartphone or tablet

Telonic Instruments

Telonic Instruments supplies a wide range of programmable power supplies, both AC and DC, a range of electrical safety testers, DC electronic loads, general-purpose test equipment including bench multimeters, and a range of RF filters and attenuators.

The AC power supplies are of linear amplifier and pwm design with outputs up to 40kVA depending on model. In addition to variable frequency, variable voltage outputs some of  the AC power supplies can simulate AC supply line faults and have a large number of measurement functions including current harmonics.

The laboratory DC supplies sold by Telonic have power outputs to 1MW with voltages up to 4,000V, and includes linear and switch mode designs. Telonic also supplies electronic loads for power supply testing. These can operate in static or dynamic modes and can simulate rapidly changing current demands on power supplies.

To complement the line-up of AC and DC power supplies even further, programmable DC and AC electronic loads are also available. They have a voltage range from 0–650V and power capability of up to 9kW. They are commonly used for power supply, battery, fuel cell and inverter testing.

Electrical safety testers are another Telonic speciality. Concentrating mainly on production test applications Telonic supplies AC and DC flash testers, insulation testers, leakage current testers and earth bond testers. Manual and programmable versions are available.

Telonic can also supply a range of RF filters and attenuators. The RF filter range encompasses custom-built fixed low pass and bandpass types and also tuneable bandpass and notch filters. Frequency range is up to 12GHz for fixed filters and 4GHz for tunables.

Telonic is an ISO9001-registered company and has been supplying electronics industry, research establishments and universities since 1968.

Many of the products in the Telonic range are also available for hire.

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