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Telsonic has launched the IPA 3505 (integrated power actuator), which is claimed to provide a cost-effective solution to many ultrasonic welding and joining applications in a compact unit.

The lightweight IPA 3505 has a fully integrated actuator, generator and converter.

The self-contained nature of Telsonic’s IPA unit is said to open up new possibilities for machine builders and end users.

High-frequency connectors and cables are no longer required, nor are an external generator, sequencer, separate electrical cabinet and extensive wiring associated with the traditional ultrasonic configuration.

Operating at an industry standard frequency of 35kHz with a power and force capability of 500W/350N, the primary target markets for the IPA are the automotive industry and industrial and packaging sectors.

Telsonic said areas where the IPA excels include oblique spot-welding in heat-sensitive areas such as attaching NVH, insulation and soundproofing materials.

Other applications where the IPA will bring benefits will be joining by pin swaging and penetrative spot welding of interior trim parts such as A, B, C and D pillars, carpet areas, glove box assemblies and load space components, together with exterior components such as wheel arch liners and engine bay covers.

Each IPA unit is said to be easy to integrate with a simple back-plate or clevis mounting, push-in air and single D plug cable connection, which provides a true, plug-in, automation-friendly approach to machine building.

Strip down and future reconfiguration of these freestanding modules is said to be much easier for the machine owner.

Telsonic IPA units are installed in many automotive applications throughout UK, Europe and Asia, employed in the manufacture of a number of component types including door trim panels, where as many as 44 units have been incorporated within a space-efficient machine that produces a LH and RH panel in each cycle.

Each 48VDC powered self-contained unit has an adjustable 50mm stroke with integral damper, together with integral upper and lower stroke sensors.

An LED panel built into each IPA module provides a visual indication of its status, with indicators for mains power supply, ultrasonics ready, ultrasonics active, sensor condition and full external, adjustable and lockable amplitude control.

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