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CIK Solutions has introduced its latest Logtag temperature data logger, which addresses applications such as the monitoring of refrigerators and transportation.

The TRID30-7 is the latest addition to the Logtag temperature data-logger series and is designed to meet World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

It features a 30-day statistics memory and an easy-to-follow display.

In addition to the current temperature reading, it enables the reviewing of day alarms, duration and minimum and maximum values for the past 30 days.

This data logger is ideal where temperature limits need to be monitored and verified directly on location.

It specifically addresses applications where a computer for data analysis is not at hand.

The data-logging functionality enables the storage of up to 7,770 temperature readings between -30C and +60C with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.5C.

Logged data can be downloaded via the standard Logtag interface to the free companion software, Logtag Analyzer, which provides facilities for displaying data in chart, table or statistical formats and enables electronic archiving and the export or transmission of the data via e-mail or to FTP servers for data management.

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