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At its Schwabisch Gmund site in Germany, ZF Lenksysteme is using Schunk’s Tendoturn VDI 30 and 40 hydraulic-expansion holders to make precise pinions for passenger car-steering mechanisms.

Dionys Mueller, who is responsible for NC programming and planning in the K-valve business-unit at ZF Lenksysteme in Schwabisch Gmund, said: ‘Tool pre-setting with Tendoturn from Schunk is child’s play.’ Quality has priority at ZF Lenksysteme.

A robot loads and unloads the CTX 400 series 2 CNC universal lathe from Gildemeister.

Every 30 seconds, steering pinions are machined from 16 MnCr5 and are then automatically and individually checked.

Tendoturn is used on the machines for turning and drilling.

Design specification P7 is easily complied with when boring out an M12 diameter, without reworking.

Mueller added: ‘Rejects have been drastically reduced by switching over to the hydraulic-expansion holder from Schunk.

‘In addition, we could increase the feed from 0.08 to 0.15mm.

‘This way, we save around 50 per cent machining time.

‘At the same time, we also achieve a much better surface quality and profit from the prolonged service life of our tools.’ The pinions produced with the Tendoturn are part of a complex steering system that can be found in various car designs from numerous manufacturers.

Vibration dampening saves a lot of money in the long term.

The hydraulically clamped precision tool-holders from the Tendo range ensure maximum vibration dampening.

The user profits from brilliant surfaces and from the considerably prolonged service life of the tools used.

Because of the vibration dampening, breakouts on the cutting edge of the tool are avoided.

Schunk hydraulic-expansion holders can drastically reduce tool costs.

Time is decisive when considering whether to retrofit a production system with the precision-clamping device.

With Tendoturn, as with all Schunk hydraulic-expansion holders, the tool is clamped with an Allen key.

This makes performance more reliable and reduces set-up times.

Machining times are also frequently reduced.

Because Tendo allows greater feed, machining times are also reduced.

The clamping diameter of Tendoturn can be adapted with intermediate sleeves, for an internal coolant supply and for peripheral cooling.

Tendoturn is available for the VDI 25 (12mm diameter), VDI 30 (20mm diameter) and VDI 40 (20mm diameter) interfaces.

In addition, Schunk offers Tendoturn with a fully cylindrical DSE mounting for driven tools in the Tendoturn DSE 20/12 diameter and Tendoturn DSE 25/20 diameter.

For lathes, Schunk also produces the Tendoturn DKE with a lathe clamping insert.

Schunk can customise the Tendoturn for individual requirements.

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