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Tera Analysis has introduced Version 5.7 of its Quickfield simulation software, which enables users to carry out transient non-linear electric simulation.

Many advanced applications related to electrical insulation and high-voltage equipment design utilise the effects of non-linear dependency between the dielectric material properties and electric field strength.

It is especially important when the electric field sources vary with time and this transient field propagates across dielectrics.

Previous versions of Quickfield have neglected all these effects in electric field simulations, according to the company.

In the past, users had to choose from electrostatics, DC conduction or AC conduction formulations with constant parameters of all dielectrics.

However, it is now possible to solve full-scale transient problems with dielectric materials, having field-dependent non-linear permitivities and conductivities.

This new problem formulation may be used to study the field distribution in objects subjected to pulse sources, such as lightning-induced over-voltages.

It may also be applied to design modern insulation constructions, which include non-linear field equalising elements, varistor over-voltage protection and other applications that involve zinc-oxide varistors, semi-conductive ceramics and similar materials.

The addition of one more transient non-linear module for electric simulations closes the gap in Quickfield’s multiphysics functionality, as similar modules for magnetics and heat transfer simulation were introduced a long time ago.

Quickfield is claimed to feature a simple user interface.

There are also new methods for window positioning; it is now possible to dock the Quickfield utility windows to any side of the main Quickfield window, resize them to a column or row and collate with tabs in any combination.

Problem properties may now be viewed and edited in the new Problem Properties window, without the need to open the modal Problem Properties dialogue.

All Quickfield component windows now feature individual toolbars with advanced controls and may be selected using bookmarks.

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