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Flextraction is offering Fumex’s Terfu local extractor arms with 100mm diameters, in addition to the 50 and 75mm-diameter Terfu arms it already offers.

These extractor arms are designed for bench, wall or ceiling mounting, with airflows ranging from 75m3/h to 450m3/h and have the option of either two or three friction joints depending on the application.

They all have an easy-to-access handle for simple adjustment and a 360-degree rotational swivel as standard.

A single-joint version is also available for bench mounting.

Terfu local extractor arms are suitable for use where flexibility is required in pharmaceutical, hospital and food laboratories; universities, colleges and schools; light production such as in gluing, brazing, TIG welding and handling solvents; and in high-street nail bars and hairdressing salons.

The range is made up of four models: the Standard version with polypropylene joints and anodised aluminium tubes can be used for extracting most airborne contaminants.

The PP version has joints and tubes made in recyclable polypropylene and all parts in contact with the air stream are made of acid-resistant SS2343 stainless steel and are designed for use in the extraction of high concentration corrosive contaminants found in pharmaceutical and chemical industry laboratories.

The ESD EN100015-1 approved version, which has conducting polypropylene joints and anodised aluminium tubes, is designed for use in environments where the need to eliminate the risks of sparks is paramount, such as in the electronics industry.

The ‘ATEX 94/9/EC category 2 for gases and dust’ version, with conductive recyclable polypropylene joints and tubes as well as stainless-steel parts that come into contact with the air stream, is ideal for use in laboratories, chemical and petrochemical, gas-distribution, paint manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

A range of hoods – ranging from suction, flexible nozzles, metal, dome, square and flat-screen hoods – is available for each model, plus reduction sleeves and protective grills to prevent large objects entering the system.


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