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Termate is offering a limited quantity of 125A sample links, free of charge, and complete with an insulating shroud.

The Shielded Neutral Links enable safe and convenient disconnection of neutral conductors in switchboards and power distribution installations – as required by the IEE Wiring Regulations and other safety oriented standards.

Fully tested in line with IEC 60439 and 61439, Neutral Links are designed for fast, easy installation and are offered with an optional insulating shroud that provides IP2X protection against accidental direct or indirect contact.

The shroud can be adapted to allow disconnection and reconnection of the neutral conductor while it remains in place.

Termate’s Neutral Links eliminate the need for fabricated makeshift solutions for neutral conductor disconnection in power installations, and are available in six sizes, from 125 to 1,000A.

They incorporate a sliding link that allows positive and easily visible disconnection of the neutral conductor, and feature bolted terminations that will accommodate cable lugs or direct connections to copper busbars.

All types have a working voltage of 660V and a rated insulation voltage of 690V.

They are fully rated thermally and have an impulse withstand voltage of 8kV, making them suitable for use in demanding applications.

Type test certificates that are suitable for incorporation in equipment construction files, and for other similar purposes, are available on request.

Termate Shielded Neutral Links with ratings up to 250A, and their associated shrouds, are supplied in boxes of 10, while the 400 and 630A products are offered in boxes of five.

Larger units in the range and their shrouds are sold individually.

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