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Phoenix Contact’s PIT terminal blocks from the Clipline Complete system allow small, flexible wires with cross sections as small as 0.34mm and fitted with ferrule to be connected directly.

As soon as the wire is inserted, the contact automatically springs open.

With plugging forces up to 50 per cent lower than before, it has never been easier to plug in wires and establish contacts.

The high contacting forces exceed those stipulated by the relevant standards and ensure that the contacts between conductors are both reliable and high quality.

Pressing one of the new buttons with a suitable tool will remove a conductor.

This pressure is transmitted to the interior contact springs, which open the terminal to its maximum.

The orange colour of the button marks it as an actuating element and therefore reliably prevents mistakes from being made.

The new series includes a wide range of terminal types for wire cross-sections of up to 2.5mm.

This includes feed-through terminals, multi-level terminals and multi-conductor terminals.

This extensive product range is rounded out to include component terminals, base terminals and disconnect terminals.

The PIT range of terminal blocks exploits the advantages offered by the Clipline Complete system.

This includes interchangeable connecting technologies and standardised accessories such as plug-in bridges, marking systems and testers.

Established for more than 25 years in the UK, Phoenix Contact Ltd is your partner in electrical connection technology, PCB connection, surge protection, field cabling, wireless networks and industrial automation. Its position as the global market leader in connection, signal conversion and interface, surge protection and industrial automation technology, is achieved by providing 'Inspiring Innovations'.

Our principal product ranges include:

  • Printed circuit board connectors
  • Modular terminal blocks
  • Fieldbus components
  • Surge voltage protection systems
  • Industrial plug and socket connectors
  • Interface units

In all of these areas, Phoenix Contact can offer technical expertise and cost-effective solutions.

We provide support from eight experts, available in the field, and product specialists. We would also be happy to visit you with our products and tailor a presentation to meet your technology requirements.

Phoenix Contact operates an accredited quality systems BS EN 9000, which encourages continual service and process improvements resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our distributor network consists of local outlets of major distributor groups and independent companies to provide the best possible local support with a specialisation in the extensive range of our products.

Support and availability is also provided by a dedicated network of national catalogues companies offering some of our specific product ranges and services.

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