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Tesa has launched two masking tapes for surface finishing operations, offering enhanced tensile strength, greater conformability and better suitability for die cutting.

Developed especially for the jobbing coater sector to mask areas required that are not to be coated, the tapes are said to be simple to tear, apply and remove.

Both tapes are suitable for a variety of finishing technologies, such as electrostatic powder coating, stove enamelling and other treatments including anodising and e-coating.

Constructed with PET polyester backings and featuring silicone adhesive systems that can withstand temperatures up to 220C for 30 minutes, the tapes can be removed in one piece without residues and they leave a sharply defined edge.

According to the company, they are suitable for conversion into die-cut discs, which are used throughout the finishing industry.

Custom shapes and formats also can be produced to suit intricate or repetitive masking requirements.

Designed for use on irregular shapes, blue polyester/silicon tape, Tesa 50650 has a thickness of 55 microns, which makes it conformable.

While its tensile strength is more than 40N/cm because of its slim proportions, its adhesion to steel is 3.5N/cm.

The Tesa 50600 green polyester/silicone masking tape, meanwhile, is suitable for general-purpose powder coating.

Featuring a thickness of 80 microns and a tensile strength of more than 90N/cm, it offers adhesion to steel of 4.0N/cm.

These new tapes are intended to complement Tesa 4331, a product that is used in the finishing market.

Combining conformability with high-temperature resistance – up to 220C for 60 minutes – this 110-micron-thick, white-coloured tape is available with a PET backing and silicone adhesive.

Typical applications for the tapes include masking electrical grounding points, sealing holes and protecting threads and bearing surfaces.

tesa UK

tesa: a global adhesive tape manufacturer

tesa is one of the leading global brands of adhesive tape with more than 100 years’ experience selling 800 types of tape in more than 100 countries.

tesa: a global adhesive tape manufacturer

tesa is one of the leading global brands of adhesive tape with more than 100 years’ experience selling 800 types of tape in more than 100 countries.

We believe in investing for our future with five per cent of our global turnover going on R&D, which has led to 50 per cent of our sales being from products developed in the last five years. In total we have 350 people employed in tesa’s laboratories around the world filing an average of 70 patents a year.

We strongly believe in offering our customers as much support as possible, and this philosophy, branded tesacohesion®, is now a major contributing factor to winning new business.

tesacohesion®: what we offer the customer

It is our aim to be a sustainable resource to our customers’ businesses and to keep our customers because we deserve to.

We offer expert friendly advice, technical knowledge and expertise, a wide product offering, creative thinking and problem solving and a one-stop solution.

tesacohesion®is based on the 4Ps principle:

  • People: every day our technical sales team operates in the marketplace. When we need more technical support or research backup to solve a problem, we call in the group resources of tesa SE in Hamburg
  • Products: we supply more than 800 different tapes across 100 countries, each one developed for applications in key industry sectors and manufactured with the latest production technology to current globally recognised quality standards
  • Processes: we aim to understand our customers’ processes in depth so we can advise on how best to integrate our tape into your production and improve your processes. We can also help with preparation of standard operating procedures as well as value chain management
  • Performance: we will help you get the maximum performance from your choice: this could mean we need to install special tape-dispensing equipment. We’re also more than ready to provide on-site support and training for your staff and we can help you to develop standard operating procedures that will control and maintain quality

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