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Teseq has released a dual-voltage programmable power source that is controlled by the company’s NSG 3000 series of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test generators.

The VAR 3005 not only regulates the test voltage but also generates the reduced voltage for the dips and drops testing of equipment under test (EUT).

The power source, controlled using either the NSG 3000’s front-panel display or the Win 3000 PC software, incorporates internal advanced microprocessor-based electronics.

The unit includes advanced self regulation and several self-test features, including self check, AC power voltage check and phase rotation check, as well as the ability to either inform users of or stop a test if the test conditions are not correct.

With electrical performance parameters in compliance with IEC 61000-4-11:2004, the VAR 3005, together with NSG 3040 or NSG 3060 generators, can generate mains dips, drops and variation tests for equipment with a current rating below 16A.

The EUT supply input voltage range is from 10VAC to 240VAC, while the output voltage is adjustable from 0VAC to 265VAC.

Based on plug-and-play technology, the VAR 3005 auto-configures tests for the user in order to prevent user errors such as setting voltages out of range.

The unit also has the ability to automatically turn off the EUT in the event of a power overload.

A single-output source model of the VAR 3005 is also available for applications where dual source is not required.

Teseq — EMC test solutions: combining tradition and experience with dynamic and innovative development 

Teseq is the new name of the Test Systems Division that belonged to the Swiss-based Schaffner Group until it became an independent company after a management buyout in 2006.  

Teseq has retained all of the former Schaffner Division’s management and employees ensuring business continuity, commitment to existing and new customers and a dynamic approach to new product development.  

Teseq also continues to stand for customised client support, proven products and extensive know-how. The company’s focus on its core business — EMC test solutions — will be reinforced by greater attention to innovation in the area of research and development. The streamlined size of the enterprise ensures maximum independence, agility and flexibility.  

Teseq offers standalone products and complete solutions for EMC conducted immunity testing including: ESD generators; harmonics; flicker and power quality test systems. It also provides a complete range of EMC radio frequency test equipment from measuring receivers, power amplifiers and GTEM cells to very powerful software for the automation of EMC test houses.    

Teseq’s extensive knowledge of EMC systems can be found in more than 90 countries worldwide with hundreds of systems installed in applications such as automotive, military, telecoms, commercial and medical.  

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