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With the wide acceptance of Amkor’s Fusionquad, Practical Components has added two test boards to its line-up.

Fusionquad packages are leadframe-based plastic offering the effective integration of Exposedpad TQFP and MLF technologies.

Fusionquad extends the I/O range of classic leadframe packaging to nearly 400 pins; it also delivers an approximate 50 per cent reduction in package size for a given lead count.

The Fusionquad drop test board is intended to evaluate and compare drop performance of Fusionquad dummy electronic components to examine and quantify process suitability for hand-held electronic product applications in an accelerated test environment, where excessive flexure of a circuit board causes product failure.

The part number is PCB300-FQ176-DT.

The thermal test board for Fusionquad is the PCB300-FQ176-TC.

This board helps test and optimise assembly methods that may produce significant thermal gradients across the assembly in the x, y and z axes.

It helps engineers to include a component’s maximum temperature, ramp rate and solder paste content.

‘Our dummy products are selected with care to be the finest factory quality components as well as boards and kits that simulate real-world production,’ said Practical Components president Kevin Laphen.

‘Special attention is given to lead-free availability and formulations, including all the various SAC formulations.’ Dummy components are exact mechanical equivalents of live components used only when the physical properties of the components are required.

These components can cost as much as 80 per cent less than live components, making them ideal for testing of solder processes, machine setup and other process evaluations.

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