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Instron has introduced the Electropuls E10000 and E10000 Linear-Torsion all-electric dynamic test instruments, suitable for a range of testing requirements.

Utilising linear-motor technology, the systems are capable of running slow-speed static tests through to high-frequency dynamic tests at over 100Hz.

From evaluating the tensile strength of soft tissues to fracture mechanics, to durability testing of athletic footwear, the Electropuls systems provide a single testing platform.

Unlike conventional servohydraulic technologies used for dynamic testing, the Electropuls systems feature no oil or high-pressure power supply, are air-cooled and only require a single-phase electrical supply.

Both models are capable of up to 10,000N (2250 lbf) and the E10000 Linear-Torsion features a combined linear-torsion actuator for biaxial tests of materials and components.

These high-accuracy instruments incorporate a stiffness tuning wizard to ensure achievement of critical loads, a T-slot table for flexible test setups and electrically operated crosshead lifts.


Instron is a leading provider of test equipment for the material and structural testing markets. A global company providing single-source convenience, Instron manufactures and services products used to test the mechanical properties and performances of various materials, components and structures in a wide array of environments.

Instron systems evaluate materials ranging from the most fragile filament to advanced high-strength alloys, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for all their research, quality and service-life testing requirements. Additionally, Instron offers a broad range of service capabilities, including assistance with laboratory management, calibration expertise and customer training.

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