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Elma’s Electronic Systems division has released a two-slot VPX/OpenVPX test and development platform that accommodates both 3U and 6U boards via a shelf divider.

The E-Frame Series test platform can connect multiple backplanes to efficiently simulate various fabric topologies, eliminating the need for costly custom backplanes and allowing high-speed signals to be passed from one slot to the next.

The E-Frame enables developers to power up one or more VPX blades under test and interconnect the J1 fabric connections to emulate the user’s application.

Signals from an external device can also be introduced through the J1 fabric connector or accessed on the J1 fabric connector using the provided SMA and SATA cable headers.

The use of a standard VPX RTM (rear transition module) plugged into the back provides access to the J0, J2, J3, J4, J5 and J6 connectors, while simultaneously accessing high-speed signals in the J1 connector, routed out the side of the backplane.

Each slot’s J1 A channel is broken out into 16 SMA connectors and the B, C and D channels into four SATA2 cable headers (12 total per slot).

Designed for ease of use, the test platform features a 1.6in card pitch that enables easy cable access to components on either side of the board under test.

A built-in LED voltage monitor provides bus voltage compliance and VNAs (vector network analysers) and other probes can be used on the surface of the VPX card under test for enhanced testing capabilities.

The E-Frame Series measures 9U x 42 HP (8.4in) x 11.73in and weighs 18lb.

Located on the rear of the chassis, power input voltage is 97V AC to 264V AC auto-ranging and power input frequency is 47Hz to 63Hz.

Total power consumption is 580W.

The test platform operates from 0C to +50C at altitudes of up to 6,000ft.

It withstands shock of up to 10G at 11ms and vibration to 1G at 10Hz to 330Hz in non-condensing humidity from five per cent to 95 per cent.

Optional Elma computing products compatible with the E-Frame Series include 3U and 6U OpenVPX SBCs; secure, rugged, NAS and Raid storage solutions; fabric network switches; and FPGA-configurable I/O solutions.

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