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Oxley Developments has released a high-temperature SMOX surface-mount test point to address the needs of more aggressive soldering profiles, which may require sustained temperatures of more than 200C.

The HT SMOX test points have been developed with an additional nickel undercoat to give a more robust finish that ensures the correct adhesion properties are achieved, even when soldering at higher temperatures.

The SMOX range features select-on-test terminals, providing accurate line tests in PCB assembly.

It is the only surface-mount ball-and-socket test point available on the market, with a socket designed for easy low-contact resistance and gentle detachment.

SMOX are available loose or on tape and reel for ease of assembly and can be placed accurately by pick-and-place machines, even in the most congested board layouts.

Satisfactory solder joints against IPC 610 Class 3 can be achieved at temperatures between 179-300C for SN62 and between 225-300C for 96S and SAC.

The SMOX range includes test point, low profile and tall ball joints, as well as PTFE-insulated sockets.

It is available in a variety of standard finishes including gold, silver, palladium, nickel and tin lead.

Oxley Developments

Oxley is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of high-quality components and systems, primarily for defence, aerospace, electronics and telecommunications industries.

Our main business is in night-vision lighting systems, LED solutions, EMI filters and interconnect components. Robust, reliable and high in quality, we design our products with performance, specification and longevity in mind.

We are renowned for our innovative work in lighting and developed one of the earliest night-vision lighting systems when night-vision goggles (NVGs) were first adopted for use by the UK Ministry of Defence. The company has since become a world leader in the supply of night-vision lighting for military aircraft, vehicles, shelters and naval platforms.

With more than four decades' experience, Oxley is highly regarded in the development of LED solutions to replace traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting. From miniature LED components to integrated lighting systems, Oxley is the supplier of choice for both off-the-shelf and customised solutions.

Oxley is equally renowned for its electronic components business. Specialist products such as EMI filters and interconnection are all produced at our unique, high-tech facilities to bespoke and off-the-shelf requirements.

Established since 1942, the company has facilities in the UK and US, which include optical coating, machining, plating, manufacture and test facilities.

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