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Stemmer Imaging cable partner Components Express specialises in fully tested, moulded machine vision cable assemblies in both standard and custom configurations.

As the lead cable manufacturer in the Cameralink committee, Components Express tests all Cameralink cables with real image data using a camera simulator and frame grabber and rates them for the bandwidth they can actually handle.

Tests are carried out in both directions along the cable since the pair carrying a data signal in one direction could be carrying a clock signal in the other direction.

Each tested cable is given a serial number that can be traced back to the test results.

High-quality shielding eliminates the possibility of EMC spikes disturbing the signal on the cable.

Where extended cable lengths are required, Components Express’s Bitmaxx technology utilises ‘pre-emphasis’ and ‘equalisation’ methodology to more than double the distance of Cameralink cables.

This extends cable lengths at a fraction of the cost of fibre-optic repeaters and also maintains cable flexibility.

Components Express is also able to make highly customised cables with over-moulded connectors.

Over-moulded connectors normally give better shielding than a metal hood as they are 360-deg taped with copper before the over-mould plastic is applied.

Working with 3D CAD drawings (supplied by the customer) of the components that are to be connected, Components Express can produce a stereo lithography (3D printing) model for a modest charge.

This allows the customer to check that the cable meets the space limitations before the over-moulding tool is made.

Components Express is committed to investment in cable technology and will continue to invest in test equipment and be at the forefront of interconnect standards.

It is the cable partner for the Coaxpress data transmission standard and is also the main supplier for the HS Link consortium.

STEMMER IMAGING is Europe’s largest imaging technology provider with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

Image processing or Machine Vision is used in many different application areas – such as industrial automation, medical imaging, security and traffic technology – as a powerful and cost effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance. Even at high speeds and with stringent accuracy requirements, image processing allows 100% monitoring and thus strengthens the competitive edge of those companies using it.

STEMMER IMAGING customers have access to a wide variety of imaging products from the worlds leading manufacturers. These manufacturers represent the cutting edge of vision technology which is something that is unique in Europe. STEMMER IMAGING are the developers of the world’s leading image processing software platform, Common Vision Blox, and as a manufacturer of customer-specific products, we have a full range of in-house expertise to draw on, allowing us to supply the best possible service to our customers when choosing an imaging solution. STEMMER IMAGING does not produce turn-key solutions – instead, using our close partnerships with a large number of experienced system integrators, we can provide expert technical know-how for the planning, integration and realisation of complete solutions.

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