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Testo has launched the Testo 875 and Testo 881 as part of its thermal imaging camera range.

The cameras provide analysis and documentation for professional industrial thermography and test materials non intrusively, identifying problems before malfunctions or fire risks occur.

Small temperature differences can be identified with the high temperature resolution, and exchangeable lenses ensure that the right image section is always visible in the imager display.

With the automatic hot/cold spot recognition, critical temperature conditions are marked, ensuring uninterrupted error localisation on site.

In addition, multiple-page thermography reports can be created quickly and easily with the PC software.

The 875 and 881 are suitable for a range of industrial applications, including electrical maintenance work In low, middle and high-voltage systems.

Thermographic images allow early recognition of defective components so that the required preventative steps can be taken in a targeted manner.

The imagers offer integrated measurement site management for the structuring of inspection routes and a real image of the measurement site can be recorded with the integrated digital camera.

The Testo 881 includes power LEDs to illuminate dark areas and a headset with a speech function.

During the inspection route, distinctive features can be stored with the infrared image directly as a spoken commentary.

With its high temperature resolution of less than 80mK, the Testo 881 provides an exact diagnosis of heat emissions, with critical heat statuses identified directly in the instrument using the isotherm function.

The measuring range of the Testo 881 can be extended up to 550C using the high temperature option.

Testo Ltd is based in Alton, Hampshire and has been operating for over 25 years as the UK subsidiary of Testo AG, selling products throughout the UK and Ireland.

We offer an extensive range of instrumentation manufactured to the highest standards that provide our customers with exceptional durability, functionality and ease of use.

Testo instruments can be purchased from a wide range of resellers and distributors throughout the UK and Ireland or can be purchased directly from Testo. We also offer instrument service and calibration, on both Testo and non-Testo branded instruments, from our independently accredited ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025 laboratory based in Alton, Hampshire.

The laboratory’s capabilities include; temperature, pressure, humidity, air velocity and gas analysis.

With a friendly and dedicated team we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service to all of our customers.

Tom Tonkins, Managing Director of Testo Ltd explains “being part of the Testo organisation is professionally very stimulating. With 27 subsidiaries world-wide and resources in Germany to support this network of companies, Testo is truly a global company. Products are of the highest quality and innovation. This coupled with an investment strategy that is unrivalled in our industry, means that new products are continuously being made available to our customers to help solve the challenges of environmental and regulatory compliance monitoring”.

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