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Schneider has launched a range of Tesys compact modular motor starters to cover a span of outputs up to 65A, which come with cable-free interconnectivity between modules and a new termination system.

The company said the range has many benefits for end users, integrators and panel builders, including easy installation, reduced panel space requirements, quick-fitting click-together modules, different permanent cable interconnection, easy communications and a reduced inventory of parts needed to meet broad application requirements.

The modular solution consists of motor starters in thermal-magnetic types from 9 to 65A and in magnetic circuit breaker types from 25 to 65A.

These can be coupled directly with three and four-pole contactors of 40, 50 or 65A and in turn these connect directly to thermal overload relays from 9 to 65A.

While the range has a footprint of 45mm width up to 38A, which is standard, its 55mm width up to 65A is one of the most compact available.

The range features a new design of cable connection that Schneider Electric has called Everlink.

Instead of standard screw terminations, Everlink uses cap head bolts to clamp cables combining both screw and spring clamp technology, providing a semi-permanent connection.

The benefit, apart from quicker and surer installation, is that the Everlink connection cannot become loosened or suffer cable creep over time by thermal variations or vibration.

For communications in automated systems, the new Tesys D range can be fitted with Tesys Quickfit pre-wired control to enable fast connection with minimal wiring.

Where units are connected side by side, Schneider Electric has devised an ‘S’ form solid copper busbar that fits unobtrusively between the two units being connected.

Fitting is simple and quick, creating space-saving racks of starter combinations.

In short, the Tesys D range affords a universal range of units by combining modules.

The modules are Type 2 tested for high breaking loads and share common accessories across the range, reducing spares and stockholdings.

Schneider Electric

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