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Tetra Pak CPS has integrated a single-strength apple juice road tanker intake, bulk storage and distribution network at the Johnsons Juices site in Headcorn, Kent.

The company supplied the freshly squeezed juice manufacturer with a 30,000-litre chill jacketed vessel and a free issue 30,000-litre vessel with double seat valves, which allow Johnsons Juices to safely undertake production alongside cleaning-in-place (CIP) and enhance production uptime.

To ensure the equipment was incorporated into the existing production facility with no disruption to output, Tetra Pak CPS worked in close partnership with Johnsons Juices to plan all the site break-ins.

Preparations and planning of site activity also included the expansion of the company’s existing Allen-Bradley control system, where careful dry and wet simulations of the routes were conducted before any product was allowed onto the system.

Johnsons Juices was involved at each stage of the project and Tetra Pak CPS’s engineering knowledge allowed many additional process features to be included, which have maximised product integrity and minimised wastage.

The collaboration between Johnsons Juices and Tetra Pak CPS allowed the commissioning regime to interface the system with more than a dozen existing site processes without any hitches or disruption to production.

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