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Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase new software for its Thermo Scientific Versaweigh checkweigher at Pack Expo, to be held in Las Vegas from 5-7 October 2009.

The company will also display its EZx Compact X-ray system and Apex 300 versatile metal detector.

Thermo Fisher Scientific will show its Versaweigh in combination with the Apex 300.

The booth team will demonstrate new software upgrades in the Versa range of products, including servo-fill control feedback and upgraded communication capabilities.

In addition to the system’s simple interface, which is available in many languages, the Versaweigh’s full stainless-steel components enable easy wash down and high IP rating.

The Thermo Scientific EZx Compact, a small and easy-to-use X-ray system, fits into most types of food-packaging production lines.

The affordable, redesigned model makes X-ray inspection technology accessible to customers that previously were using traditional metal detectors to protect their brand against foreign objects.

The EZx Compact lets them detect metal and other common contaminants such as glass, stone, bone and dense plastics.

It offers the sensitivity required for compliance with corporate quality policies and HACCP guidelines and its wrap-around detector design enables full inspection of any product passed through the machine.

The system is ideal for customers using metalised film or foil packaging and the reduced size – now only one metre long – allows for easy installation on production lines that previously would have required custom-fitting or redesign.

The simplified design also makes the EZx Compact extremely easy to use and maintain, which significantly reduces training and support requirements.

The Thermo Scientific Apex 300 metal detectors will also be on display, built into a combination system with the Versaweigh.

The compact Apex 300 is available in drop through (D) and pipeline (P) systems and both models are ideal in food and beverage applications for bulk flow and piped products and can be easily integrated into a production line.

Designed with advanced signal-processing algorithms, the Apex metal detector is optimised for high-speed scanning and detection of contaminants and its multi-coil design (patent-pending) delivers the highest level of sensitivity possible in a compact, lightweight design.

All Apex 300 metal detectors have a hygienic design, which allows for easy wash-down and cleaning.

This eliminates the chance of cross-contamination during product changeover.

The detector’s rugged touch-screen has no removable parts, which translates to lower maintenance and, ultimately, a lower total cost of ownership.

All product inspection systems are backed by Thermo Fisher Scientific’s worldwide service and support network.

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