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Thame Workholding has unveiled the Samchully range of standard chucks and related workholding products, such as vices and rotary tables.

Samchully Machinery manufactures power chucks, hydraulic cylinders and scroll chucks in its ISO 9001-accedited factory in Incheon, Korea.

These are fitted to machine tools manufactured by indigenous manufacturers such as Doosan (Daewoo) and Hyundai-Kia, with Samchully also supplying overseas machine tool builders such as Haas Automation.

Samchully standard hydraulic chucks are available as closed-centre, standard-bore, large-bore and mega-bore options, with all models available in two-, three- or four-jaw configurations.

Also available are large-diameter (up to 2m) hydraulic chucks that are suitable for aerospace and heavy industry applications, with chucks of 1.6m in diameter and larger designed to be used as a three-jaw hydraulic chuck or a four-jaw independent chuck.

Samchully also manufactures fully automated auto-indexing chucks that cater for multi-surface machining in a single clamping, enabling the operator to move between multiple working axes at 8 x 45, 4 x 90, 6 x 60 and 3 x 120 intervals.

Thame Workholding, which is based in Buckinghamshire, UK, began by specialising in the manufacture of soft jaws and new ranges and sizes of both soft and hard jaws are being introduced.

A recent example is the patented Inogrip jaws for turning applications that secure the workpiece by locking a precise tooth form into pre-stamped defined indentations.

This gives a secure grip with minimal clamping distortion.

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