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Companies that buy safety spectacles costing around GBP2 per pair will end up paying twice the amount to protect their employee’s eyes than companies that pay about GBP6 for superior-quality pairs.

This is according to tests carried out by safety-equipment provider Uvex.

The real cost of protective eyewear is its cost over its entire life span.

In Uvex’s tests on the durability of the lens coatings, its own and other manufacturers’ safety spectacles were repeatedly washed to see how quickly their anti-fog coating deteriorated.

The tests revealed that, assuming two washes per week through 44 weeks per year, users of the GBP2 spectacles would go through 22 pairs a year, costing an average GBP44 per person, while those using spectacles costing GBP6 per pair would only need 3.6 pairs in a year, because the anti-fog coating lasts up to and beyond 12 weeks, a total cost of GBP21.60 per person per year.

These tests indicate that it is a false economy to buy the cheaper spectacles.

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