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Thermo Fisher Scientific has combined its Antaris FT-NIR analyser with Siemens’s Sipat software platform to aid process visibility and control and improve drug development and manufacture.

The integration will give pharmaceutical companies better process insight, real-time product release, improved manufacturing performance and enhanced quality while maintaining regulatory compliance.

This solution migrates process-analysis from the laboratory into production, effectively mitigating risk and helping to save money.

Dr Jeffrey Hirsch, NIR product manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: ‘By combining these technologies we are able to facilitate more cost-effective and streamlined PAT implementation projects.’ All Antaris FT-NIR analysers include internal calibration standards that allow instrument qualification without having to stop the process or remove the probe from the culture media.

They include features such as a flex-pivot interferometer and pinned-in-place optics, resulting in identical sample scans and providing accurate, precise and reliable measurements.

Sipat supports PAT implementation and acquires data from multiple analysers and other data sources.

It enables process understanding and continuous process improvement in manufacturing and development.

It also supports (advanced) process control by focussing on specific units or by covering total batch quality to enable real-time product release.

Sipat facilitates improved and faster product development and shortens time-to-market.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Molecular Spectroscopy)

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