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Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched two regulatory-compliant GC application kits for screening and confirming the presence of persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

The Thermo Scientific POPs Screening and Thermo Scientific POPs Confirmation kits provide a simple, ready-to-use package for GC-MS analysis with all necessary consumables and methods, enabling laboratories to more efficiently, cost effectively and accurately meet EU directives on POPs levels and detection sensitivity.

This is especially important for the screening of food or environmental samples, according to the company.

Thermo Fisher is currently showcasing the POPs analysis kits within Booth 2835 at Pittcon 2011, which runs until 18 March in Atlanta.

Containing everything from columns to consumables, the POPs Screening and POPs Confirmation kits can simplify chromatographic analysis, from ordering and sample handling to final report generation.

Unlike some newer chromatography methods, which are often expensive and time consuming to develop and validate, the Thermo Scientific POPs kits are claimed to eliminate the need for extensive method development and to shorten the validation period, providing high-quality data in a short time.

The POPs Screening and POPs Confirmation kits are designed to operate with existing Thermo Scientific GC-MS technology and software to generate toxic equivalents for the analysed samples.

The kits are packaged with all the necessary components for method development, and whole kits or individual components can be reordered as needed.

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