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Thermo Fisher Scientific has released the second Orion Aquafast AQIII series meters for colorimetry and turbidity measurements.

The new Orion AQ3070 Aquafast chlorine meter offers simple operation with multiple test options, according to the company.

The meter is designed for use with the EPA-approved Orion Aquafast AC4P71 free chlorine and AC4P72 total chlorine methods for drinking water and wastewater reporting.

It will read up to 4.0mg/L for chlorine with a single reagent pack.

Although EPA reporting is from 0.02mg/L to 2.00mg/L, the additional range gives the user a quantitative status of the process without re-sampling or retesting.

Chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid and pH calibration curves are also programmed into this meter.

This offers users flexibility and cost savings by utilising just one meter if these tests could also be needed.

The AQ3070 chlorine meter is supplied in a field carrying case along with test vials, a vial cleaning brush, a tablet-tamping stir rod and 100 each of AC4P71 and AC4P72 powder reagent packets.

Orion Aquafast AQ3070 meters offer: EPA compliance; an IP67 waterproof rating (TUV certified); a large LCD display; four-step operation; accurate, reproducible results; an auto shut-off feature to conserve the AAA batteries; cTUVus certification to EMC, US and Canadian standards; a two-year meter warranty; and a portable field case for colorimeter and supplies.

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