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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the Thermo Scientific Apex 500 RX metal detector and Thermo Scientific Versa RX checkweigher for the pharmaceutical industry.

Equipped with a slack belt system, the Versa RX can handle weighing, control and reject functions at line speeds up to 500 packages per minute.

The Apex 500 RX system is based on the Apex metal detector platform, delivering sensitivity, stability and automatic performance verification via the Auditcheck feature.

With its single brushless motor drive, the Versa RX is low maintenance and is said to be able to handle high-speed lines with accuracy.

The system features a closed-cabinet design and knife-edge feature for the accurate handling of unstable objects.

The Versa RX can also be equipped with a number of optional, pharmaceutical-specific features including a side-belt transfer system, helix infeed screw for small bottles, reject verify, Data Matrix system or 21 CFR Part 11 compliance software.

The Apex 500 RX is installed at the outfeed of a tablet press or capsule-filling system and automatically rejects product if less than 0.5mm pieces of metal are detected.

The system incorporates the multi-coil metal detection design, enabling high sensitivity and low false reject rates.

Its portable design allows the Apex 500 RX to fit into a range of production environments and all systems are available with the Auditcheck performance verification system.

Both systems are available with full pharmaceutical validation documentation, have been designed with GMP principles in mind and are backed by the Thermo Fisher Scientific service network.

In addition, the Apex 500 RX utilises FDA-approved materials for components in close proximity to the customers’ products.

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