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Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the Thermo Scientific EZx Compact, an affordable and small X-ray system engineered to fit into nearly every type of food packaging production line.

The redesigned model makes X-ray inspection technology accessible to customers who previously were using traditional metal detectors to protect their brand against foreign objects.

With the EZx Compact, they can now detect metal as well as other common contaminants like glass, stones and dense plastics.

Bob Ries, product manager for process instruments at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said: ‘The EZx Compact is priced only slightly above high-performance metal detectors, making the system an ideal starting point for customers who would like to take advantage of all the benefits of X-ray technology.’ The EZx Compact offers the sensitivity required for compliance with corporate quality policies and HACCP guidelines, and its patented wrap-around detector design allows 100 per cent inspection of any product passed through the machine.

The system effectively detects stone, glass, bone or hard plastics, and is ideal for customers who use metallised film or foil packaging.

The reduced size of the EZx Compact – now only 1m long – allows easy installation on production lines that previously would have required custom fitting or redesign.

The simplified exterior design makes the EZx Compact easy to use and maintain, which significantly reduces training and support requirements.

The EZx X-ray family is backed by the extensive worldwide Thermo Fisher Scientific service network.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Metal Detection)

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