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Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase a portfolio of new instruments, accessories, consumables and software at Achema 2009, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany from 11 – 15 May.

Under the theme ‘Passport to Science’, the company will exhibit new products, including the Thermo Scientific M-Pulse ultrasonic flow meter.

The M-Pulse is ideal for custody transfer and leak detection.

It combines a multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter with a fast-flow computer to create a bi-directional liquid flow-measurement system that offers the highest attainable accuracy.

The system accuracy surpasses the API-required custody transfer specification of +/-0.15 per cent, making it one of the most reliable flowmeters on the market.

The Thermo Scientific Autopilot PRO scales from a simple single-run measurement application to six runs with full station control.

This accurate, easy-to-use gas-flow computer features full USB support.

It is simple to configure and requires no programming, enabling staff to focus on increasing productivity and profitability.

The Thermo Scientific Titan 4000, which will make its European debut at Achema 2009, is a combustion elemental analyser designed for demanding petrochemical laboratories.

The Titan 4000 can analyse total nitrogen/total sulphur (TN/TS) in less than two minutes and provides consumable savings of at least 10 per cent a year.

Thermo Scientific will also display the Aquakem, a discrete photometric analyser for easy and cost-effective water and environmental testing; and the Arena automated photometric system, for food and beverage analysis.

Thermo Fisher has used the Arena analyser to develop a method for determining asparagine levels in raw and processed foods.

Asparagine reacts with reducing sugars such as glucose at temperatures above 160C to produce acrylamide, a suspected carcinogen.

Acrylamide can form when producing fried, baked or roasted processed foods such as potato crisps, French fries or baked cereals.

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