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Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Orion Star LogR meter, which uses the resistance across the bulb to provide a new method for electrode analysis and determine sample temperature.

The resistance information can be used to detect errors in the electrode, saving analysis time and offering quick troubleshooting of electrode issues.

Additionally, these meters allow for temperature-compensated pH readings without the use of a separate temperature input.

The Thermo Scientific Orion Star LogR meters include: exclusive LogR technology; advanced electrode diagnostic information; temperature-compensated pH readings without a separate temperature input.

The benefits of the meter include: data storage for up to 1,000 points with time and date stamp; up to five-point calibration for pH and ISE, where applicable; calibration alarms, average slope and slope of segment; storage for up to 10 individually password-protected methods; direct control for a Star stirrer probe (sold separately); RS232 port for data downloads and meter software updates; three-year meter replacement warranty.

The Orion Star LogR meter is available in two versions: one with pH input and one with pH and ion-selective electrode inputs.

Both meters provide mV readout options, temperature and resistance values when the LogR technology is in use.

The meter is available individually, with an electrode or in a complete kit with calibration solutions.

The meter will replace the current Thermo Scientific Orion Perphect LogR meters – the 320, 350 and 370 series.

A listing of discontinued part numbers along with a cross-reference to the new Orion Star LogR part numbers is available.

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