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SLG Beauty is using the Thermo Scientific DSP3 metal detector to inspect its range of applicator products, including make-up brushes, powder puffs and sponges.

As part of the SLG Beauty’s end-of-line packing operation, the DSP3 metal detector is installed on a conveyor manned by several operatives.

Large individual items and multipacks are passed through the system as a final check for potentially lethal contaminants such as lost sewing machine needles.

Tim Cound, associate director for engineering at SLG Beauty, said: ‘Due to the nature of our products and the fact they come into contact with the face and body we’ve always taken quality control very seriously, with strict procedures in place to protect the end consumer and ensure brand protection.

‘However, following relocation to a new state-of-the-art facility, we decided to further strengthen the production process by investing in metal detection equipment.

‘The DSP3 metal detector was recommended as the most suitable machine for the job and we haven’t been disappointed.

‘It is easy to operate and maintain as well as being robust, reliable and accurate.

‘The pre- and post-sales service provided by Thermo Fisher Scientific and its specialist technical support service have been very useful.’ The DSP3 metal detector is a sensitive inspection system for process and end-of-line applications.

It features automatic product calibration designed to ensure optimum performance with minimum training.

Thermo Scientific Auditcheck, a device that automatically validates the performance of the metal detector, is also available with the DSP3 system.

Operating speeds range from 1m/min up to 350m/min depending on aperture size.

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