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Watlow has launched the Exactsense thermocouple for high-temperature exhaust gas temperature sensing, suitable for use on after-treatment systems for off-road and over-the-road vehicle diesel engines.

Exactsense combines the durability and high-temperature capability of a thermocouple with integrated electronics in a package delivering the response time needed to meet demanding applications.

The thermocouple was developed with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the US and Europe for use on exhaust after-treatment systems in diesel engines.

This accurate, durable sensor can be used for construction, heavy-duty, mining and agriculture vehicles as well as marine, locomotive and stationary power generation applications.

Exactsense has an electronic housing with an integrated moulded connector that is available with either an analogue or digital output signal.

Combining the sensor and the electronics provides an output signal compatible with engine control modules (ECMs), minimises system error because the sensor and the electronics are integrated and enables the use of information about the sensor such as sensor identification, serial number, calibration, drift and time response data to enhance performance or improve diagnostic capabilities.

Exactsense uses non-standard thermocouple materials that were selected based on their stability, durability and longevity at high temperatures.

The thermocouple is accurate within +/-8C (+/-14.4F) from -40C to +1,000C (-104F to +1,832F).

Exactsense has a long immersion depth and is point-sensitive compared with RTDs that average the temperature over the length of the element.

This enables measurements to be taken near the centre of the pipe.

The taper tip configuration of the Exactsense thermocouple delivers a fast response time in a durable closed tip configuration, which increases the life of the sensor and improves system control.

These features help Watlow customers improve the control of their diesel after-treatment systems, resulting in improved emissions, more efficient regeneration and better fuel economy.

Exactsense is available in a variety of configurations, including high-temperature materials suitable for turbocharger, burner or flame applications.

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