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Parker Hannifin’s Parker Race Division has appointed Thermofrost Cryo to distribute its new range of Ispeed intelligent-drive systems.

Mike Carman of Parker Race said: ‘Our latest technology, such as the Ispeed intelligent drive, can cut energy costs by up to 40 per cent when used, for example, in refrigeration systems with single compressor units, or up to 25 per cent when used with multi-stage compressor racks.

‘To ensure that these levels of savings are achieved consistently it is essential that each refrigeration system is designed and configured correctly.

‘This requires specialised knowledge of refrigeration electronics, controllers, networks and of course compressors, and was an important reason for selecting Thermofrost Cryo as a Parker Systems Integrator,’ he added.

Parker’s intelligent Ispeed variable-speed drives have been developed to control the operating conditions of compressors and condensing fans, enabling refrigeration system output to be matched precisely to variations in demand.

The drive technology is extremely accurate, with fast response times, providing instantaneous and smooth adjustments to compressor speeds.

The precision control provided by the Ispeed technology also enables the operational envelope of each compressor to be expanded, providing superior low- and high-speed performance, while always remaining within safe compressor operating limits.

It also improves the efficiency of evaporators, minimising the build-up of ice, which in turn reduces the frequency of defrost cycles.

As a result, Ispeed can cut overall energy consumption; for example, each 1C increase in evaporator temperature reduces energy losses by four per cent.

The technology also ensures smooth control of compressor and condenser fan speeds to minimise mechanical stress, enhance long-term reliability and reduce maintenance costs.

It is an approved system for grants through the UK Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme for carbon-reducing technologies.

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