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Sanitation and bathroom-ware manufacturer Thomas Dudley has purchased eight Wittmann Battenfeld injection moulding machines for its factory in the Midlands.

Included in the order are six HM 45-tonne moulding machines, one HM 90-tonne moulding machine and one HM 110-tonne moulding machines.

All Wittmann Battenfeld moulding machines have been fitted with magnetic platens, hot runners and robotics interfaces.

Five of the Battenfeld HM45 machines have also been fitted with Unipick sprue pickers.

Due to the low head height at the Thomas Dudley works, they have been constructed as a side-entry unit made as integral to the injection moulding machine.

Thomas Dudley is also concluding tool trials at Wittmann Battenfeld’s Kottingbrunn works this month – assessing if the machines will be fitted with servo drives rather than hydraulic pumps and motors.

The Dudley-based plant runs on a 24/7 basis, with an automated lights-out operation being maintained through the night shift.

All of the Wittmann Battenfeld moulding machines feature magnetic platens and fast mould change systems.

Some 400 live tools are in use through the work of the plastics division at Thomas Dudley.

Various systems of lean manufacturing are deployed through the factory and the company also runs its own tool shop, gaining many cost efficiencies in general maintenance and repair.

Wittmann granulators are also deployed to help the company’s policy of in-house plastics reprocessing – and are part of many closed-loop manufacturing cells on the shop floor.

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