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Thomson is offering the Muli 0 worm-gear screw jack, which is designed to save space in applications where the Muli and Jumbo 1–5 range cannot be used, such as those in materials handling, hydraulic replacement and complex positioning systems.

With housing dimensions of 60 x 50 x 50mm, the Muli 0 delivers a lifting force of 2.5kN, which enables its precision worm-gear and lead-screw technology to be used in more space-critical or complex multi-axis systems.

Muli worm-gear screw jacks are suitable for a range of applications where the lifting, lowering, tilting or rotating of loads is required.

Key benefits

  • The screw can be specified with a cost-effective trapezoidal thread or with high-precision ballscrews and preloaded low-backlash options.
  • Long-term operating costs can be reduced by using electromechanical solutions that are based on an electric motor and worm-gear screw jacks.
  • The systems can be easily synchronised for multi-dimensional lifting and positioning systems using a range of accessories.
  • A selection of gearhead types and sizes allows substantial loads to be moved at high lifting speeds.
  • Standardised mounting parts and final fittings such as prepared flange holes enable the straightforward mounting of motors, gearheads and rotary encoders.

Thomson – Linear Motion. Optimized.

Often the ideal design solution is not about finding the fastest, sturdiest, most accurate or even the least expensive option. Rather, the ideal solution is the optimal balance of performance, life and cost. Thomson is best positioned to help you most quickly configure the optimal linear motion solution for your application.

  • Thomson invented anti-friction linear bearing technology. We own the broadest standard product offering of mechanical motion technologies in the industry.
  • Modified versions of standard product are routine. White sheet design solutions are available across our entire portfolio.
  • Choose Thomson and gain access to over 70 years of global application experience in diverse industries including packaging, factory automation, material handling, medical, clean energy, printing, automotive, machine tool, aerospace and defense.
  • As part of Danaher Corporation, we are financially strong and unique in our ability to bring together control, drive, motor, power transmission and precision linear motion technologies.

Thomson is the name you can trust for quality, innovation, on-time delivery, controlled costs, and reduced risk. Talk to us early in the design process to see how Thomson can help identify the optimal balance of performance, life and cost for your next application. And, call us or any of our 2000+ distribution partners around the world for fast delivery of replacement parts.

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