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Thorworld Industries is offering a range of mobile yard ramps specifically designed for the fast and efficient loading and unloading of vehicles and containers by forklift truck.

Three main Thorworld mobile yard ramp ranges are available, including Super Deluxe, Deluxe and Standard (heavy, medium and light-duty) models, which have all been developed by the company’s in-house design engineers and manufactured using modern production equipment and techniques.

The ramps are all CE marked and fully conform to the latest European quality and safety standards and legislation.

In addition, each container loading ramp includes a steel superstructure for maximum strength, a hand-operated hydraulic pump to allow the ramp to be raised up to the required height and a built-in towing mechanism for moving the ramp by fork truck.

Other features include solid tyres, 1.8m of safety chain on each side to secure the ramp to the vehicle or dock, thus helping to eradicate potentially dangerous vehicle creep, and a serrated open-grid deck to ensure positive traction in all weather conditions.

The Super Deluxe Ramp is available in both 12- and 15-tonne capacities and is also known as the Recycling Ramp because of its ability to withstand heavy workloads performed during a three-shift operation in rigorous environments, such as those encountered in the metal and waste recycling industries.

The ramps come with high side rails as standard and fold-down entry ramps for a fixed approach angle.

The Deluxe Ramp is suitable for medium-duty applications such as continual use on a single-shift basis.

There are two versions available: the Type 7, which is available with either a seven- or 10-tonne capacity; and the Type 6, a 10-tonne ramp that comes with high side rails and fold-down entry ramps as standard.

Thorworld’s Standard (or Thrifty) Ramp is designed specifically for applications where it may only be used three or four times a day and therefore offers a more cost-effective solution.

The Type 9 model is available with a 10-tonne capacity and features an integrated entry plate, while the Type 8 and Type 10 models are available in 10- and seven-tonne capacities respectively, with an additional six-tonne-capacity model in the Type 10 range featuring the more traditional fold-down entry ramps.

Bespoke models can also be supplied to meet individual requirements, in combination with modular loading dock facilities where required, and a comprehensive service and maintenance back-up facility is available to ensure that the ramps are always kept in prime operating condition.

The company also provides the Rentaramp resource, which allows customers who may not want the capital outlay associated with buying a ramp to hire one instead.

There is a sale or return option available, enabling customers to spread the cost of ownership or simply continue to hire.

According to John Meale, managing director of Thorworld Industries, the company offers a bespoke service whereby the in-house design team develops and manufactures ramps and associated loading and unloading equipment to meet the individual needs of customers.

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