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Installing a made-to-measure Thorworld yard ramp to allow vehicles to drive into a basement unloading area has solved a problem and saved money for DX.

DX recently acquired additional premises on an industrial estate in London.

Due to the sloping ground, there was no direct way for vehicles to enter a planned unloading area, as the road level was more than a metre above the basement floor.

The solution came in the form of a Thorworld loading ramp, which was designed and manufactured to the customer’s requirements.

It measures 4.5 x 8m and has a maximum weight capacity of 8,000kg.

It was delivered in two sections and assembled on site.

Vans and 7.5-ton trucks use the ramp, which is bolted to the concrete floor, to reverse down into the basement unloading area.

Once inside, the shutter doors are closed and locked to provide a secure area while the vehicles’ contents are transferred into the sorting department.

Conventional Thorworld ramps are available as standard, deluxe and super deluxe (light, medium and heavy duty) models, with 6,000kg, 7,000kg, 10,000kg, 12,000kg or 15,000kg capacities and in lengths from 11-12.2m.

With a solid beam construction, they have a serrated open grid deck for positive traction in all weathers, and are ideal for fast and efficient loading and unloading of vehicle trailers by fork truck, particularly where there is no raised loading dock.

The super deluxe/recycling ramp is available in 12- and 15-tonne capacities and they are ideal for heavy duty applications, typically on a consistent three-shift operation, in rigorous working environments such as the recycling industry.

The deluxe ramp is available in a 10-tonne capacity and is ideally suited for medium-duty applications, such as continual use on a single-shift basis.

The standard ramp is available in six-, seven- and 10-tonne capacities, which are suitable for light-duty applications where the ramp may only be in use up to three or four times a day.

A hand-operated hydraulic pump quickly raises the ramp to the required height and they are equipped as standard with 1.8m of safety chain on each side for securing the ramp to the truck or loading dock.

CE marked, they conform to all European quality and safety standards and legislation.

If necessary, they can be quickly and easily moved between different locations.

Bespoke models can be supplied to meet individual requirements and a service and maintenance back-up facility is available to help ensure that the ramps are always kept in top condition.

A ramp rental facility is also provided through the company’s Rentaramp operation, with a sale or return option.

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