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Swarfless production of external threads that can be form rolled between 1.4mm and 60mm diameter can be produced on machines with a restrictive work area using LMT’s compact tangential rolling head.

With the swarfless T270K compact tangential rolling head, it is possible to gain the advantages of high accuracy, faster threading and forming cycles taking typically 0.5 seconds with improved levels of consistency and thread strength compared with traditional thread-cutting methods.

The T270K compact tangential rolling head has a rigid construction for producing both left- and right-hand threads.

The pivot for the roller hinges, rolling head bracket and shank are now at the front of the unit, enabling it to be mounted either on a cross slide or turret and overcome problems where machines have limited space available in the working zone or where the tools are located.

There are four hub sizes that span the tool’s range and fine adjustment of each of the two rolls around the axis of the component is simple, allowing setting and monitoring of the axial roller clearance within 0.05mm.

Threads can be rolled with the T270K right up to a shoulder or collar on a component, and parts with a short run-out, short thread length or taper thread requirement can be produced.

Thread rolling has been widely adopted, especially in the small-turned-parts industry, for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, due to the quality of thread and short operational time required for the single pass of the unit over the part to be processed.

As the material being rolled is not cut, there is no swarf removed from the part as it flows under the pressure of the rolls into the required form.

As a result, the thread is stronger with a high degree of surface quality equal to a burnished finish and the form produced is dimensionally consistent without burrs of sharp edges.

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