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Kurt’s new three-in-one jaw system is said to increase the versatility of any of the company’s standard 6in (15cm) vises and is suitable for small lot sizes and prototype work.

Using the new jaw system, parts can be clamped precisely at 5deg, 10deg, 15deg, 20deg, 25deg, 30deg and 45deg.

The simple, bolt-on jaw system features a series of preset patterns with aligning pins.

The jaws hold parts precisely, as with conventional jaw plates, and enable aggressive machining while clamping at seven different angles.

This Kurt three-in-one jaw system also doubles up as a workstop, with the additional benefit of acting as a parallel.

Overall jaw dimensions are 6 x 1.735 x 0.725in +/-0.000787in (0.01mm).

Multiple pins in the system include four 6 x 22mm; three 6 x 40mm; three 6 x 58mm; and three 6 x 76mm.

Pin sets have a dimensional tolerance of +/-0.0007 (0.018mm).

‘The jaw system is a better and more cost-effective option than building a special fixture,’ said Steve Kane, global sales and marketing manager for Kurt.

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The original Kurt Anglock vises were designed to provide precision part clamping on basic machines. Our line includes CNC vises, five-axes vises, Rotary Table workholding solutions for VMCs and the Toolblox tombstones, providing you with increased versatility at your machining stations.  Precision measuring systems and accessories are also available to complement your Kurt workholding system.

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