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The TB2217H low-temperature cure chip bonder from Threebond offers curing at 80C and addresses an array of chip bonding issues for manufacturers and rework facilities.

This single component epoxy offers ease of handling by syringe and full compatibility with automated dispensing systems to enable chip retention on PCBs going through multi-station lines and wave soldering equipment.

By offering a low cure temperature of 80C with a 220s cure time, TB2217H can eliminate possible damage to heat-sensitive components while at the same time offering a high-speed snap cure of 60s at 150C where needed.

Whether applied by syringe or print system the TB2217H offers an air-bubble-free solution to component retention with dispensing speeds in excess of 30K dph, good dot shape and without stringing and tailing.

Prior to curing it provides excellent tack strength ensuring no component movement or loss during population and handling, while after curing it exhibits exceptional bond strength with various types of component materials, claims Threebond.

TB2217H is compatible with the DEK Proflow Direkt imaging system and is available in DEK Proflow cassettes.

Other packaging available includes a range of syringe styles, Fuji, EFD, Iwashita, Panasonic, as well as cartridges.

It is suitable for either pneumatic, (time/pressure system), or positive displacement dispensing systems (helical screw system), or dispense jet systems.

Similarly it may be used in a wide range of print type systems.

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